New Moon of me

As the moon travels
another round
while world is spinning,
i find myself
with my heart and mind
altogether in one place
too many days and nights
have changed my skin
i danced around
i cried and cried
suddenly figuring it out
it not about blaming him
cause he did what he knew best
it aint talking to her
just cause its what i am supposed to do
it s really about all
that starts in us
that starts in me


10 days

Its been 10 days since these feelings came through

it was like i finally welcomed them even though i was forced to

My attention got hijacked in such a brutal way,

its a sea of circumstances and consequences, and it makes me sad cause this foggy reality doesn’t seem to end.

Ive seen good and I’ve see bad

seen people shout and people cry

but at the same time seen people that pretend to be blind