New Moon of me

As the moon travels
another round
while world is spinning,
i find myself
with my heart and mind
altogether in one place
too many days and nights
have changed my skin
i danced around
i cried and cried
suddenly figuring it out
it not about blaming him
cause he did what he knew best
it aint talking to her
just cause its what i am supposed to do
it s really about all
that starts in us
that starts in me


i feel like this today

i might light a candle for you

so i can ask for help

to let me go through this path

that i need to prove myself

i can smell it from here

I’ve been dreaming it for a while

i left all my life behind

my mind woke up with the touch of your kiss

i was able to  believe for once

that my love is larger than all the mighty skies

that cover our sleep tonight