You always have the choice

I have felt lost

here alone in my home

wanting to shout everything my heart holds

i have walked through the streets

looking up for familiar faces

feeling the air that reaches my lungs

and i wonder why so scared ?

what are you waiting for?

its good it hasn’t been as planned

that you can surrender

to your own mastermind

and just be like a person should be



this is what you have asked

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I can´t say it was just one experience, i guess its a ever evolving experience, i am aware that i am connecting the dots of my life script, and every experience, feels different, and i get over it in different ways. It could be love that hurts so much that makes me physically sick, it can be watching my closest friends or family fighting against a desease they can’t beat, it can be the longing for my childhood memories that are far away. The thing that surprises me every time is my ability to amaze myself, by trying to experience life through everyday, paying attention to the little things, to smiling to strangers, smelling the rain, cuddling with my cats. Well i guess my life is been changing a lot by just paying more attention.