10 days

Its been 10 days since these feelings came through

it was like i finally welcomed them even though i was forced to

My attention got hijacked in such a brutal way,

its a sea of circumstances and consequences, and it makes me sad cause this foggy reality doesn’t seem to end.

Ive seen good and I’ve see bad

seen people shout and people cry

but at the same time seen people that pretend to be blind



first act

you came by 

on a random day

your voice so sad and deep

made me turned my head

and there you were

floating out on space

traveling with words,

words i could relate

showing me that love

was more than feel reborn again

that its desire 

in it finest way

that is lust mixed with deception

all inside of a body

that its ruled by the brain





all new feels the same

i have  come back

with no money in  my purse

with my dreams not so high

standing in the edge

that keeps me apart 

i went through an ocean

I’ve reached foreing lands

I’ve met people around

I’ve seen the sunlight

from a different spot

now i see is the same

the warm in my face

the rain on my skin

and the memory of your sweet face

everytime i breath



i feel like this today

i might light a candle for you

so i can ask for help

to let me go through this path

that i need to prove myself

i can smell it from here

I’ve been dreaming it for a while

i left all my life behind

my mind woke up with the touch of your kiss

i was able to  believe for once

that my love is larger than all the mighty skies

that cover our sleep tonight