we ve been alone
for too many months
cooking for one
is really not fun

there were moments
that i couldn’t make the difference
from day or night
the clock kept ticking
but i just missed
the track of times

because waiting is that
is lingering
is pushing without any movement
till i could see the green light
till i was able to open
my big big eyes



i always wanted a lot of things

be recognized , on the top of the charts

but i feel too afraid to make that step up

i want to read the stars

be part of a great production

the next thing wham

i want to feel beautiful the way i am

be example that anyone can

i wish i could feel more creative

they keep saying that i am

i just have a hard time

believing things for myself 

im such a downer

quite 90´s style

i have change 

or maybe discovered another face

am i the only one?




home since february

the dust is all around my home

cat´s hair too

this place looks like have stopped in time

the ghost of me

is the one living in it

sun comes up moon goes down

day and day pass by,

i keep getting older

but i look the same

i move so i won’t freeze

i turn on the tv

but i don’t really watch it

its just for the company, you see

i play the music when i go out

so i can pretend i´m still here

living my life

my life since february

New Moon of me

As the moon travels
another round
while world is spinning,
i find myself
with my heart and mind
altogether in one place
too many days and nights
have changed my skin
i danced around
i cried and cried
suddenly figuring it out
it not about blaming him
cause he did what he knew best
it aint talking to her
just cause its what i am supposed to do
it s really about all
that starts in us
that starts in me

my mind

i currently live

in the edge of greater things

feeling i should complete

what I’ve been taught to be

Sitting straight

my mind unleashes

 a thousands flashes

of a better world

i want you to be happy

thats all

i grow with you 

i learn with you

i might say good bye

but i won’t forget

oh no i won’t forget


10 days

Its been 10 days since these feelings came through

it was like i finally welcomed them even though i was forced to

My attention got hijacked in such a brutal way,

its a sea of circumstances and consequences, and it makes me sad cause this foggy reality doesn’t seem to end.

Ive seen good and I’ve see bad

seen people shout and people cry

but at the same time seen people that pretend to be blind